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Reduce Movement Friction - Use Wheel Skate Skids

Reduce Movement Friction - Use Wheel Skate Skids

Wheel winching skate skids or 'Easi-Skates' for car and light commercial vehicle use, can make moving or recovery operations so much easier, by reducing the friction between the surfaces.

Manufactured by I Tow In Inc, in the USA, these skates, made of recycled plastic for their durability and are lightweight, easy to use, will not rot and are oil and grease resistant. 

Wheel skate skid - Commercial

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Installation is by placing the toe of the skate against the tyre, at the front of the direction you want to winch, and hitting the heel of the skate with a 6 lb  (or heavier) sledge hammer until the skate is firmly under the wheel. A few blows should be all that is required!
Note: The vehicle should be in 'Park' or the brake applied during this operation.

Wheel Skid - Heel & Toe

Removal is by tapping the heel of the skate from side to side until it dislodges from under the wheel.

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