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Construction & Plant

For the Construction and Plant industries, Cardno supplies lifting chains and polyester slings, shackles and blocks. All of our products which fall under LOLER regulation/inspection are certificated to the relevant BSEN standard.
We also supply PPE - safety helmets, safety spectacles, safety googles and hi-vis clothing!

Bow Shackle - Screw Pin

misc brand

From£3.57 + VAT

Lightweight Snatch Blocks

misc brand

From£58.00 + VAT

Lifting Round Polyester Sling 1.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£3.20 + VAT

Lifting Round Sling 20.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£167.89 + VAT

Lifting Round Sling 3.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£7.18 + VAT

Lifting Round Sling 2.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£4.10 + VAT

Lifting Sling Simplex 2.0 Tonne (100mm)

Cardno Ltd

From£27.38 + VAT

Lifting Round Polyester Sling 4.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£17.28 + VAT

Lifting Sling Duplex 2 tonne (60mm)

Cardno Ltd

From£16.34 + VAT

Safety Helmet EN397


£6.25 + VAT

Lifting Round Sling 10.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£44.02 + VAT

Lifting Round Sling 5.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£7.06 + VAT