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Towing, Pulling & Moving

This category of products is all about moving vehicles. Moving vehicles around a workshop? Use GoJak® & skates. Moving vehicles on a trailer? Use lightboards & accessories. Moving vehicles behind another vehicle? Use tow poles & A-Frames. Moving vehicles onto a truck slide-bed? Use skids, skates & pulling straps.

All of our pulling straps are Cardno made. Labelled with the minimum break and lashing capacity in accordance with BS EN 5759.

The designs have come about through collaboration with customers over the years. We are always open to suggestions for improving these strap assemblies.

Towing, Pulling & Moving

Proudly Made in Britain

All of our Cardno made products are tried and tested. We manufacture them, conformity label or certificate them and pack them all in Bedfordshire, UK. You'll know we've made them because our products have our name on the label!

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