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Frequently Asked Questions

We know that sometimes you might not know what's exactly the right tool for the job and that terminology can often be confusing, so we've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you.

If you still have questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We'd only be too happy to help.


Q: What does EWL mean?

A: Estimated Working Length – for a round sling it equals the straight line pull.


Q: Why do lifting slings come in different colours?

A: The colour denotes the tonnage of the sling e.g. purple = 1Tonne. Read more about Lifting Slings


Q: Why should I use a snatch block when winching?

A: Snatch blocks are (a) kind to the winch rope (b) allow the user to change direction (c) increase line pull. Read more about Snatch Blocks


Q: What information do I need before I order a winch rope?

A: The diameter of the rope (normally found on the winch or in the winch manual). The length (refer to the winch manual) and the hook type. Read more about Winch Cables


Q: What length wire rope do I need for my winch?

A: This depends on day-to-day operations. Refer to the winch manual.

Q: What is the difference between your oval link wheel choker and your supasoft wheel choker?

A: The Oval link wheel choker prolongs the life of the straps whereas the supasoft wheel choker is kind to alloy wheels.


Q: Do ‘tie-down’ straps need a certificate?

A: No they do not, however, they do need to carry a rating label showing the Lashing Capacity & the STF (Standard Tension Force) of the ratchet. Read more about Tie-down ratchet straps

Q: Can webbing straps be used for lifting?

A: No they cannot be used for lifting. You need to use polyester lifting slings.

Q: Should you check webbing straps regularly for damage?

A: Yes you should, because even a small cut or tear can reduce the strength of the strap significantly.

Q: What do the lines of stitching mean in webbing straps?

A: The number of lines in webbing should equal the strength eg 5 lines = 5 tonnes minimum break load. This is not always the case. Read the manufacturer's label sewn into the webbing strap!


Q: Can I repair my chain & winch hooks?

A: Yes if your hook is an alloy or G80 sling hook which has a catch that has been damaged or lost, you can buy a new catch. Note: we can only supply catches for hooks that we stock.


Q: What are Slippery Jim’s?

A: There are 2 primary types on the market today. One is interlocking so the skates can be joined together (Wreckmaster Skate). The other is a smooth solid construction called the ITI Skate. Both types aid the recovery of vehicles when winching up onto a truck bed.


Q: How is winch rope constructed?

A: There are 3 main types of wire rope in us today: 6x7, 6x19 & 6x36. This means that the rope is made up of 6 bundles of wires with 7, 19 or 36 wires in each bundle. The more wires there are in a rope the more flexible the rope is. Rope then either has a wire or fibre core that runs down the centre of the rope. Cardno only uses 6x36 wire steel core for maximum strength & flexibility. Read more about Winch Ropes


Q: Why does my winch rope have a stamped SWL that seems to be lower than it should be?

A: Wire rope has to be rated for lifting, which requires a minimum break strength to be divided by 5 eg: 10mm (6x36) 1960 N/MM2 has a min break load of 7113KG and a Safe Working Load of 1423KG


Q: Why should I wear Class 3 clothing?

A: Class 3 clothing is the highest class of clothing so you are covered to work in all locations including Motorways. Read more about Hi-Vis Clothing


Q: What is a strap brother?

A: A strap brother sometimes called a ‘centre pull’ strap, ‘Y’ strap, 'winch brother' and ‘A’ strap, is essentially a winching aid which enables the operator to get a central line pull on a vehicle.

Q: What is the difference between a standard and short strap brother?

A: A short strap brother, is a winching aid which enables the operator with a short bed truck to more the vehicle higher up the truck bed.

Q: Do I need GoJaks or wheel skates?

A: If you are moving vehicles around on a flat smooth surface, such as a workshop, use GoJaks. If you are moving vehicles up ramps or on a rough terrain use recovery wheel skates.

Q: Can I use skate castors on my GoJaks?

A: No you cannot. You have to buy genuine replacement GoJak castors.

Q: What voltage jump pack do I need?

A: The voltage of a jump pack must be compatible with the vehicle voltage. Eg. a 12 volt jump pack is used with a 12 volt truck.

Q: Can I use any wireless remote control handset?

A: The wireless remote control handset must be the same make as the system fitted on the vehicle. We only supply Lodar wireless remote equipment.

Q: What size is a road traffic cone to be legal ?

A: A traffic road cone must be no less than 18 inches tall.