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Work/Flood Lamps, Torches & Camera Kits

Work and flood lamps from LED Autolamps for commercial vehicle lighting needs. Portable lighting, including: LED torches, magnetic vehicle torch and ATEC torch. Vehicle camera kits from LAP Electrical.

LED Work Lamp High Power - SQUARE

LED Autolamps

£19.00 + VAT

LED HD Compact Clearance Lamp

LED Autolamps

From£15.00 + VAT

LED Flood Lamp High-Powered - RECTANGULAR

LED Autolamps

£31.95 + VAT

Torch LED ATEX EX150

S A Equip.

£39.60 + VAT

LED Flood Lamps 1.5W

LED Autolamps

£17.50 + VAT

LED Torch (COB) Magnetic Rechargeable

LED Autolamps

£27.95 + VAT

Reversing Camera Kit

LAP Electrical

From£150.00 + VAT