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Winching & Winching Accessories

In this category we supply leading product brands alongside our own manufactured winch ropes. We are a supplier of GT snatch blocks, KITO Weissenfels and Cobra fittings and a distributor for Lodar® the industry leader in wireless remote winching controls.

We manufacture our own winch cables, which means that you can choose a rope length and hook type to suit your requirements. Read more about Winch Cable Replacement

Our wire rope cables are manufactured by us in 6mm to 10mm diameter. The rope we use is 6+IWRC, 36 wire strands, galvanised, right hand lay and tensile strength is 1960 N/mm2. The hook types are: alloy, alloy swivel, auto-locking & auto-locking swivel.

We can source & supply 11mm to 32mm to order. Our rope assemblies, both in-house & external sourced, are fully certificated in accordance to BS EN 13411-3.

All of the winching straps are Cardno made, primarily using polyester 7.5 tonne webbing & 5 tonne fittings. All come labelled with the minimum break and lashing capacity in accordance with EN 12195-2 Polyester.

Winching & Winching Accessories

Proudly Made in Britain

All of our Cardno made products are tried and tested. We manufacture them, conformity label or certificate them and pack them all in Bedfordshire, UK. You'll know we've made them because our products have our name on the label!

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