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Lifting Chains & Slings

Our lifting chain slings are primarily assembled in-house by us. We offer Grade 8 (G8) & Grade 10 (G10) assemblies, certificated in accordance to EN818-4, and Grade 80 (G80) & Grade 100 (G100) assemblies, fully tested & certificated and are supplied with an EC Declaration of Conformity

The difference between Grade 8/10 chain slings and Grade 80/100 chain slings is that G80/G100 chain slings may be manufactured using boron alloy chain, or with fittings that do not conform to EN1677. Whilst G8/G10 and G80/G100 chain slings are rated with the same working load limits (WLL), they may not perform equally under certain conditions. Read more about Lifting Chains & their Operations

Our range of lifting polyester slings all come labelled with the Working Load Limit in accordance with BS EN1492-1:2000 + A1:2008 (flat slings) and BS EN1492-2:2000 (round slings). The rating label shows the serial number which is relevant to the Certificate.

Slings are available in simplex, duplex & endless round with a tonnage from 1 to 12 tonnes subject to length and sling type. All slings are also certified & tested with a 7:1 safety factor. Read more about Polyester Lifting Slings

If you have a lifting problem we are more than happy to assist in developing a solution or if you have a specific design we will manufacture and or assemble it for you.

Lifting Chains & Slings

Proudly Made in Britain

All of our Cardno made products are tried and tested. We manufacture them, conformity label or certificate them and pack them all in Bedfordshire, UK. You'll know we've made them because our products have our name on the label!

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