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Round Slings

Round lifting slings, often called strops, are made from polyester and are a more versatile solution than products such as wire rope or chain for a lifting operation. Round (endless) Slings are extremely tough, yet soft and flexible which makes them a good option if you need to choke the load you are lifting.

We offer round slings with working load capacities from 1 to 20 tonne, in a wide variety of lengths.

Round Polyester slings are manufactured to BS EN 1492-2:2000 all lifting slings are supplied with a certificate of conformity.

Lifting Round Sling 2.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£4.10 + VAT

Lifting Round Polyester Sling 1.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£3.20 + VAT

Lifting Round Sling 20.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£167.89 + VAT

Lifting Round Sling 3.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£7.18 + VAT

Lifting Round Polyester Sling 4.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£17.28 + VAT

Lifting Round Sling 10.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£44.02 + VAT

Lifting Round Sling 5.0 Tonne

misc brand

From£7.06 + VAT