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Winch Cable Replacement - Diameter & MBL Chart

Winch Cable Replacement - Diameter & MBL Chart

The wire winch rope diameter you need to use is dependent on the winch you have installed on your vehicle. When replacing the winch wire rope that is on your winch you will need to know the diameter.  This information can be found on the manufacturer's specification plate attached to the body of the winch.
The rope diameter will then dictate up to what maximum weight you will then be able to safely pull with your winch.

The table below shows the minimum breaking load of wire by it's diameter.

Wire Rope 6x36 Dia vs MBL to 32mm

The Working Load Limit under LOLER is the MBL divided by a factor of 5. Note: The MBL is reduced by 10% when the wire cable is assembled into a winch cable.

Note: Cardno manufactures 'in-house' 6mm to 10mm diameter wire and uses 6x36 IWRC 1960 N/mm²

Your choice is then:

  • The length of the wire rope.
  • The type of hook you wish to use.

Cardno offers 3 standard rope lengths: 18, 23 and 30 metres but you can have whatever length you need for the type of work you do.

          Alloy HookAuto-lock HookG80 HookAlloy SwivelAuto lock swivel

There are several hook attachment choices – again it is the operator’s preference as to which one you require fitted to the wire rope.

See the Cardno Wire Ropes range. Contact us if you could do with some more advice. We’re always happy to help.

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