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What is a Snatch Block Used For?

What is a Snatch Block Used For?

A Snatch Block / pulley block is a great aid to winching operations:

  • By increasing load pulling capacity
  • By facilitating a change of direction of the pull if required
  • By improving life expectancy of the winch and rope through  reducing the strain applied on them

Using one snatch block allows you to 'double the rope', which in turn doubles the lifting/pulling capacity of the snatch block and winch arrangement. If additional snatch blocks can be used in conjunction with the winch, it will further increase load pulling capacity.
The diameter of your wire rope dictates which snatch block(s) you require - See the table below.

For example, on an 8 mm dia. wire rope, by incorporating one snatch block (by looping the wire rope around the pulley of the snatch block and anchoring rope to an anchor point on the truck), you will double the pulling capacity from 2276kg to 4552kg, BUT, be aware, this will reduce, by half, the speed at which the winch is able to operate. If you can incorporate a second snatch block, this will further increase the capacity by an additional 2276kg, and so on.

Additionally, if you are unable to position your truck to pull a load in a straight line, by adding snatch blocks you can alter the angle of the pull.

Snatch Blocks

Cardno offer a range of Lightweight Oil Industry Snatch Blocks with a 4:1 Factor of Safety.

To select the correct block for your needs, refer to the Wire Rope diameter, in the table below.


Wire Rope


3” 2 7-9 4 292 82 70
4½” 4 10-12 6 358 120 70
6” 8 20-22 15 498 160 93
6” 8 16 14 498 160 93
8” 8 20-22 20 549 210 93
10” 12 20-22 36 695 260 114
8” 15 20-22 34 641 210 98
12” 15 24-26 54 797 310 133

All blocks have Roller Bearings except the 2 & 4 tonne blocks which have Special Bronze Bushes.

NOTE: All snatch blocks are supplied with certification.

See the Cardno Snatch Block range. Contact us if you could do with some more advice. We’re always happy to help.

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