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Fire Safety Stick - An Insurance Policy Against Most Fire Scenarios

Fire Safety Stick - An Insurance Policy Against Most Fire Scenarios

The FIRE SAFETY STICK is a recently developed evolution of the conventional fire extinguisher, which offers so many more benefits, the main one being, its versatility in the types of fire in which it can be used.

Car and Commercial vehicle fires are more common than you might think, yet, most people assume it will never happen to them! The consequence of a fire can not only be life threatening, but can also cause considerable, extensive and expensive damage.

Fire Safety Stick'Belt and Braces Thinking for Fire Safety'

A conventional fire extinguisher is a prerequisite (must have) for any commercial vehicle to carry, but, as there are various types or classifications of fires, what type of extinguisher should you purchase? Surely, a device that can be used against all major fire classes would be a great thing to carry. A device that actually puts out fires. FIRE SAFETY STICK is such a device!

Fire Safety Stick

Works on all major fire classes and doesn't make an expensive and damaging mess behind when used.

Using the Fire Safety Stick means you don't have to waste time by having to think about what type/class of fire you are faced with or which pin to remove.

    So, what makes Fire Safety Stick 'revolutionary'?

    By chemically interrupting the chain of combustion, Fire Safety Stick safely and effectively puts out fires without the mess, toxicity, or danger associated with a traditional extinguisher. Fire Safety Stick uses a jet of potassium ions (also known as free radicals), which then combines with the oxygen of the fire to create potassium oxide – very, very small particles (just a few microns in size) and this dissipates into the atmosphere (a unique method compared to conventional fire extinguishers) that employs the vaporisation of the powder in the environment followed by the condensation of its extinguishing substance. It works by interrupting a fire’s chain of reaction (the “auto-catalyst” of the fire)

    Fire Safety Stick is composed of stable, solid minerals; it does not contain gas and is not pressurised. The aerosol-like jet is only produced when the charger is struck with its base. The produced aerosol jet is free of thrust and is essentially an inert salt that emits gas already present in the atmosphere.

    This process allows the stick to extinguish all types of fires through saturation, while its slow bio-degradation in the environment, further prevents the likelihood of subsequent fires.

    Properties of a Fire Safety Stick

    Well, as the name suggests, it is in the form of a 27cm long x 3 cm dia. stick. There are two variants, with either a 50 second (FSS50) or 100 second (FSS100) discharge time, It is very lightweight, the FSS50 being only 215grams.

    Fire Safety Stick

    Activation of the Fire Stick is straightforward and quick. Simply...

    • Remove the top cap and discard
    • Remove the lower end cap from the end of the handle
    • Point the top away from you
    • With the rough brown surface on the lower end cap, strike the black tip on the top of the stick (as when striking a match)
    • Discharge begins immediately.
    • Point the aerosol jet at the source of the fire.

    Note: The plastic handle on the fire stick does not become hot.

    Here is Glenn demonstrating how easy the FSS is to use

    The tables below summarise the many benefits of the Fire Stick compared to traditional 1kg and 2.4L extinguishers.

    FSS vs Dry Powder Comparison
    FSS to Foam Comparison Table

    Of course you can buy a traditional fire extinguisher a lot cheaper than a Fire Safety Stick BUT the benefits shown in the tables above makes up for the difference. If you have to comply with regulations so have to carry a traditional extinguisher, consider the 'belt and braces thinking to fire safety', by carrying a Fire Safety Stick as well. The cost of under £5 a year is pretty good value for an 'insurance policy'!

    At the end of the day, it is all about making life as safe as possible. Don't compromise your livelihood, 'A FIRE INCIDENT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU'....

    Buy one now! Fire Safety Stick - Where to Buy

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