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Portwest High Visibility Safety Clothing

Portwest High Visibility Safety Clothing

Portwest is a truly global manufacturer and designer of PPE and high visibility workwear.

Cardno Ltd has been a Portwest distributor for many years, because their ethos of quality products at affordable prices matches our own. Initially complementing our own range of hi-vis clothing and now, since our manufacturing of clothing ceased in 2017, Cardno Ltd. outsources all hi-vis clothing products to Portwest.

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Why Portwest?

For over 117 years they have been manufacturing safety garments, and PPE. Now, with a world-wide distribution network and customer service staff in over 130 countries. Portwest has its own ultra modern factories, in various countries, giving it total control over quality, lead times and ethical sourcing of base products.

Portwest design staff, due to their global reach, are constantly seeking new, innovative improvements to the materials and designs of their products. Their products encompass materials to suit all weathers. Lightweight and airy for dry, hot conditions to fully lined and waterproof for cold and/or wet conditions.

Portwest Hi-vis clothing

Why Portwest High Visibility Clothing?

To further maintain and enhance their reputation and standing, Portwest is very focused on Quality Control in order to maintain their high standards. They regularly test samples from the market to uncover common quality issues and check their products to ensure they not only conform to the international standard for the safety requirements and test methods of hi-vis workwear EN ISO 20471, but exceed it!

EN ISO 20471 Classification

EN ISO 20471 specifies requirements for high visibility clothing which is capable of visually signalling the user's presence. The required level needed is categorised into 3 Class levels, 1, 2 and 3. Every garment that conforms must be labelled with the EN 20471 icon and its relevant Class level number.

Class 1: Lowest level of visibility - this level of workwear is appropriate for extra visibility within the company and for situations with a low risk of accidents. The maximum traffic speed is 30 km/hour.

Class 2: Intermediate level of visibility - most often, this level of visibility provides sufficient protection for most users and areas of use. Examples of areas of use are construction sites, car parks, airports, docks, loading bays.

Class 3: Highest level of visibility - The industry rule of thumb is worksites with traffic travelling over 50 mph requires Class 3 hi-vis clothing, vests (with 3/4 or long sleeves), jackets and overalls. Class 3 workwear is for the most hazardous environments where visibility is paramount.

All Portwest® garment labels have the correct information displayed in accordance with EN ISO 20471 and ISO 13688 standard requirements.

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Class 3 Hi-Vis Clothing - Be Seen Be Safe

Hi-Vis Clothing is all about being seen. At Cardno we mainly supply Class 3 clothing, because it has the highest level of visibility in the EN ISO 20471 classification. Our Portwest® Hi-Vis waterproof and polycotton jackets, overalls and coveralls are all Class 3.

Portwest Hi Vis clothing

Portwest, of course, manufactures Class 3 Hi-Vis clothing in other colour combinations. Below are a few of our old favourites, but in yellow & navy.

Portwest Class 3 High Visibility Clothing

As a Portwest distributor we can source all products from the Portwest ranges. Click here to view the Portwest Online catalogue. Find what you want and let us know!

We at Cardno know and understand hi-vis safety clothing so if you find you cannot find out what you need to know from our website then please do contact us

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