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Ratchet straps - The best hook end for your vehicle bed

Ratchet straps - The best hook end for your vehicle bed

Ratchet strap assemblies are extremely widely used for lashing down all types of loads and are available to purchase from a vast number of suppliers. Generally, though, many suppliers will only offer one hook type, namely a claw hook. This arrangement, though, is not always ideal for the type of lashing points fitted to the bed of the truck.

You should consider, what it is you are lashing down and what you are lashing down to! That should then determine the best ratchet strap to use.

For example, below you will see a variety of popular truck beds with different lashing or tie down points. These lashing points are not all the same size, so not all hook fittings will necessarily fit securely into them!

So, what hook fittings are available?

Well, below are a selection of ends, with and without the ratchet, that Cardno have available within their product offer.      

Cardno ratchet straps


        Cardno ratchet straps


These include double claw, flat snap hook, twisted snap hook, delta ring and double claw with snap.

Other hook fittings include:

 Over wheel ratchet strap assembly with single claw:

Cardno over the wheel ratchet strap

used for moving vehicles by holding the wheels in place on a recovery truck bed.


T hook diverter:

Cardno t-hook diverter strap

Primarily used on car transporters

For vehicle recovery, for instance, you should check the internal size of your lashing rings/ punched trailer bed holes, before deciding on the appropriate hook end. It is entirely possible that a double claw hook end may be too wide to snugly fit into the ring/hole, and thereby this will not give you a fully secure load. In this instance, a single claw would be a better option! Having a snap attachment would also give additional security of the hook end not becoming unattached.

The point we are trying to get over with ratchet straps, is that it is NOT one size fits all, it is more a case of 'horses for courses', where your vehicle's lashing points should determine the type of hook ends you need.

Because Cardno manufacture, in-house, their ratchet straps, they are able to offer the majority of combinations available in the market!

If you are still unsure as to what is right for you, contact us, we will be happy to help!

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