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Made in Britain

Made in Britain

We, at Cardno, very much believe that when the phrase, ‘Made in Britain’, is used in marketing, by a company of its products, it is done so to indicate their confidence in the content, quality and reliability of the products they manufacture.

The fact that we manufacture, the vast majority of our product range, strap, chain and wire rope assemblies ourselves, in our unit in Bedfordshire, means that we CONTROL the content of the materials and components that go into making them and the quality of the finished assemblies.

Cardno Strap making

What is more, many of our products are required to be certificated to conform to EU directives, so it is incumbent on us to ensure that the quality of the products we manufacture and sell, meet those standards.

At Cardno, for us, ‘Made in Britain’ is all about us buying in components and materials, manufacturing them into specified requested products and selling out to our customers. With that, we know that our component parts are right, we know that what we put on a chain tag, a rating label or a certificate is exactly what the customer will get.

Wire Rope stamp       Chain Tag      

In addition, all of our manufactured products are visually checked before they go out, unlike many suppliers who will just ship out goods in the packaging they arrived in. Hence, no continuous quality control checking is carried out, they only carry out spot checking.
‘Made in Britain’ is what Cardno does and we are proud of it!

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