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Green Thinking at Cardno

Green Thinking at Cardno

Governments across the world are committed to turning society and industries environmentally 'green'. But, what does this mean?

Well, it's not only about drastically reducing greenhouse gases and carbon emissions, it is also about manufacturing products that are more sustainable, locally produced, of better quality and that will last longer.

Wherever physically and economically possible, products should also have integral parts that can be replaced.

Don't throw it all away - reuse it!

Replacing worn parts in conjunction with the existing good condition parts of an assembly will save you money and, with less waste, make us all more environmentally friendly.

Local manufacturing is a win-win

As Cardno manufactures a large proportion of the products we sell here in Bedfordshire, we are able to offer part-assembly replacements on a number of items.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the materials we use in our component assemblies resulting in top quality products which, under normal operating conditions, have an excellent shelf life.

Also being able to replace parts when they do wear out, makes it a win-win situation for you, the customer, in terms of quality of product and less expensive overall price.

Replaceable parts

          Replacement Strap 

For example, if your strap or wire rope eventually frays, gets damaged or just wears out, you will be able to re-use your 'J' hooks, sling hooks, auto-lock hooks, etc, on your Cardno straps or rope assemblies, by just replacing the strap or rope.

How to replace parts on straps and ropes

Simply, using a hammer and punch, remove the pin and retainer from your component connector and retain.

Discard and replace the worn/damaged strap or rope with the relevant Cardno strap or rope assembly.

Refit the component connector to the new strap/rope and your existing hook, relocate the spacer and tap home the pin. Job done!

          Winch rope - hard eye

If you have a Cardno rope or chain assembly with a hook that has a damaged latch, then replace the latch instead of buying a new hook.

Replaceable parts for wheel skates

          skate castor

If you have Cardno wheel skates you can replace the castors, whether they are swivel or fixed assemblies. If only one castor becomes unusable, then, you only need to purchase one castor assembly.

Instead of buying a new complete skate at from £220, a new castor will cost you no more than £25 at current prices (April 2021).

It just makes such economical sense!

Replaceable parts for Lodar remote control systems

Lodar remote control systems are another category where replacement parts can be purchased. The transmitter control box on a number of the Lodar products can be replaced.

All that is required is to register the new transmitter to the existing receiver, the instructions of which, can be downloaded from the relevant web page on our website.

Find out more about replaceable parts

To find out more, there is a dedicated sub-section on our website containing all currently available replacement parts.

On the Home Page, highlight the Product section, scroll down the list and click on Replacement Parts.

Or on the product page where a replacement part is available:

  Save Money buttonClick on Save Money Button to go to Replacement Part

Helping Us to Help You

It is because we are a manufacturer that we are able to do this. We control the content and quality of the materials that bear our name and, from that, it defines our credibility and reputation. Something we are very keen to keep as high as possible.   

If you feel it is economically possible to add more replacement parts from within our product offer, please contact us and we will certainly be happy to look into it!       

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