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Wire Winch Rope End Termination Types

Wire Winch Rope End Termination Types

We have a lot of customers who come to us for winch ropes, but they're not always aware that they need to pick the right end termination type.

A wire winch rope has to be fitted on the winch drum, using the method that is specified by the winch manufacturer. Remember that not all winches use the same method of attachment.

So before purchasing a replacement wire winch rope, you need to find out what End Termination Type it is. This is the end type needed to attach on the drum. Look at the current fitted rope and/or read the Manufacturer's Operation Manual.

Wire Rope Construction

Wire rope is essentially strands of wire which are bundled and twisted to form a cable. The number of strands and the number of bundles used will dictate the strength of the rope.

  Wire Rope Construction

The commonly used constructions are 6x7, 6x19 and 6x36. These numbers mean that the construction of the rope is made up of 6 bundles of wires with 19 or 36 wires in each bundle. Therefore the more wires in each bundle the more flexible the rope will be.

Wire ropes may have either a wire core or fibre core running down the centre of the rope to hold the bundles apart, thus providing support to the strands in each bundle and maintaining them in the correct position under working conditions.

Note: Cardno manufactures wire ropes using 6x36 IWRC 1960 N/mm².

Wire Rope End Termination

Once wire is cut, due to it's twisted strand/bundle construction, over time the ends will fray. To avoid this from happening an end-type termination is used. The most common for winch wire ropes are: Fused and tapered, End stop/plug and Crimp eyelet.

    Wire rope termination

The majority of the wire winch ropes manufactured by Cardno are 'fused & tapered', this is where the end of the wire rope is heated and twisted. Generally used on 9mm & 10mm wire ropes.

The 'fused & tapered' end type is used on winches, which have a hole in the drum through which the rope is passed. Retention is via a grub screw which is tightened onto the wire rope.

Lesser used options are the end stop/plug and the crimp eyelet, both generally for 8mm diameter ropes.

The end stop/plug type is used when the winch has an oblong opening on the drum into which slots the end stop and is then retained with a tapered bolt fitting..

The Crimp eyelet end type is where a winch has a tapped hole which is located on the inside flange of the drum.

So now you know all about winch rope end termination types and why they are important. However, if you still need more information about this subject, please contact us and we will do our best to help!

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