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Manufacturing to a Customer's Design

Manufacturing to a Customer's Design

I'm sure we've all been there - you know exactly what you need, but when you go through a search on relevant websites, you can't find anything that quite matches it. So you end up compromising, and that can be very frustrating!

It's very much like this with vehicle recovery and its associated sectors - where many products are sold from a company's pre-designated standard list, and that's all you can get.

We May Have The Answer - Products Manufactured to Your Requirements

Cardno are a small, family run manufacturer and we produce the majority of our products in-house.

This allows for flexibility in, for example, matching the quantity required or matching the specific length of the required component, together with, the ability to listen to what customers actually need and then act on it**.

Surely this is the kind of company that you would like to deal with!

** (Of course, for compliance to legislative regulations and standards, it is not always possible to manufacture exactly what is needed, but, we would always discuss with the customer and hopefully come up with an agreeable workable solution).

For example, with webbing straps, we have to ensure we comply with the British Standard BS EN 12195 Part 1 & 2 - Load Restraint assembles on road vehicles - Safety.

The determining factors for webbing are the width of the material and the weight. These parameters are laid down by the Standard BS EN 12195.

Unlike lifting slings, the colour of the polyester is not linked to its lifting tonnage capacity, for webbing straps the webbing can be ANY colour.

Webbing straps do not need a certificate, however, they do need to carry a rating label showing the Lashing Capacity & the STF (Standard Tension Force) of the ratchet.

Below is the information that appears on a webbing rating label:

strap rating label

Other regulatory requirements are required for all of the products we manufacture. So, we ensure any customer-led product will meet those requirements before we commit to manufacture!

Which Products can be Manufactured to Customer Specification?

1) Cardno manufactured products

As we assemble the majority of our straps, slings, chain and rope assemblies in-house, these are the products we are able to most easily adapt to specific needs.

There are already a number of products we sell, listed on our website, that are a direct result of customer discussions.

A few examples of customer-led products, include:

    • 4 leg lifting chain sling
    • Winch Brother - Strap and Chain
    • Wheel pulling strap - Single Claw
    • Wheel strap - Oval Link with Flaps
        lifting chain sling              winch brother

                  4 leg Lifting Chain             Winch Brother - Strap & Chain

wheel pulling strap             wheel strap oval link

 Wheel Pulling Strap with Single Claw   Wheel Strap Oval Link & Flaps

These assemblies were designed for customers with specific requirements, meeting their specific needs. Surely that has got to be the best solution?

2) Cardno-assembled products

In addition, for products we assemble in-house, similar customer-led alternatives will be investigated and satisfactorily resolved if at all possible.

One such example, of this, is the 2 tonne vehicle skate (see below).

vehicle wheel skate

3) Cardno supplied products

Cardno has total control of its own manufactured product offer. In addition, where we sell non-Cardno products, there are many circumstances where we have an ability to source customer led versions from our suppliers. We are more than happy to organise this on your behalf!

Cardno is continually adapting its product offer to include more specific customer requests where it is most likely to be relevant and interesting to many other customers. 

  • Being a manufacturer allows us to supply wire rope to a length and with the attachments to suit the job that you do.
  • Being a manufacturer allows us to produce strap lengths to suit your vehicle type and bed, whether it be small, medium or large.
  • Being a manufacturer with a 'can do' attitude, allows for a great deal of flexibility in our product offer, because we understand one size does not fit all.
  • Being a manufacturer who want the best for their customers - that's Cardno.

 Cardno made productsWhere you see this symbol on our website it means that a Cardno customer had the idea for the product and we helped to bring it to life!

If you don't see what you need on our website, just contact us to see if we can help with something more bespoke.

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