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Telltale Signs of Vehicle Recovery Equipment Wear and Tear

Telltale Signs of Vehicle Recovery Equipment Wear and Tear

We often get asked about replacement life cycles for webbing straps, lifting slings, wire ropes and chains.

In most cases, just because something is old it does not mean it should be replaced. It should, however, be inspected visually and in certain cases undergo Certified Inspection.

In this blog we will try to explain what the tell-tale signs of damage and poor condition are for when kit should be replaced.

Wire Winch Ropes

Here are the most common tell-tale signs that a wire winch rope needs replacing. All of these signs can be picked-up through visual inspection.

Wire Winch Rope - Visual inspection

When you see any of these signs of wear & tear don't carry on hoping that it will 'go away'. It won't. So make the replacement as soon as possible.

You may not need to replace the whole wire rope assembly if your winch hook is in good condition. Instead you can replace the wire rope only.

Cardno replacement winch cables.

Webbing Straps

The most common tell-tale sign that a webbing strap needs replacing is a cut or a tear and if you've had to tie a knot in the end!

These are easily picked up through visual checks.

Worn Straps Worn Webbing Strap Worn out Strap

Missing rating labels, where applicable, is another reason for replacing your straps.

Webbing straps are relatively inexpensive compared to the price you would pay if something went wrong because they were damaged.

Time to replace them and get some peace of mind!

Chain Slings

The signs that can be picked-up through visual inspection are missing hooks, hook latch kits and missing chain tabs.

Chain slings should be inspected and re-certified ANNUALLY. This needs to be carried out by a certified LOLER inspection company.

They will carry out a comprehensive safety check to ensure it complies to the original chain sling certification supplied by the manufacturer.

The check will also include a link by link inspection for any excessive wear,  deformity, cracks, gouges, stretch or corrosion abnormalities.

Everything you need to know about chain slings

If everything is in order, they will then issue a new certification.

Please be aware, if you do not maintain up-to-date certification, you will be liable for the consequences of any in operation chain sling failures.

Also, if the chain does not have a 'rating tab' attached, it is ILLEGAL and will have to be replaced with a new assembly.

For help in finding a local authorised LOLER inspector, carry out a Google search using keywords 'LOLER chain sling inspectors near me'

Polyester Slings

The most common tell-tale sign that a lifting sling needs replacing is the same as a webbing strap. Carry out visual checks for cuts or tears in the polyester material.

As with lifting chains, polyester slings come under LOLER which means that annual inspection and certification is required.

In summary, for the little time it takes, it is best practice to get into the habit of regularly carrying out visual checks on all of your above equipment. For your own and your customers' safety.

If you are interested in replacing any of these products you can find them on the Cardno website!       

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