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Signs for the Times: Safety at the Roadside

Signs for the Times: Safety at the Roadside

Roadside recovery can be a very dangerous and hazardous business, whether it be on a winding country lane or on a busy 'A' road.

Wherever the recovery, the issues are the same - vehicles approaching too fast, oblivious of what is ahead.

Any product that can help reduce the risk to you and your co-workers, therefore, needs to be seriously considered.

Most experienced recovery operators will know when the location and position of a recovery will have a potential danger to them from other road users. For instance, if the vehicle is located just past a bend or over a brow of a hill or if other road users are driving fast past the recovery, and so on.

This is why we promote the use of the Roadside Recovery, Triflex™ Roll-up Sign Kit.

Roadside Recovery, Triflex™ Roll-up Sign Kit

The kit can be set out strategically, in advance of the recovery location, to warn other road users to slow down and take extra care.

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This kit is also fully reflective (to EN12899 Class RA1) for night time use & compliant with all relevant UK regulations (see below), but the main advantage of it is that the signs are extra large compared to conventional road signage, really highlighting that recovery work is ongoing.

Included in the kit are, two 'SLOW ACCIDENT RECOVERY' freestanding signs, so that you are able to warn vehicles approaching in both directions, in addition to a '! Recovery' and 'Keep Right' arrow sign.

This kit fully complies to the following regulations:

  • BS8442 (UK specification regarding road sign construction)
  • EN12899 class ref RA1 (European specification for reflectivity)
  • Traffic Signs Regulations & General Directions (UK Dept. for Transport)
  • Safety at Street Works & Road Works Code of Practice (The "Red Book")
  • Chapter 8 of Traffic Signs Manual (UK Dept. for Transport)

The kit, when not in use, can be collapsed, rolled up and stored in the kit bag, as shown below. Thereby taking up very little space on your vehicle.

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