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Bright Yellow Wheel Winching Skids - Now Clearly Visible

Bright Yellow Wheel Winching Skids - Now Clearly Visible

These NEW, strikingly-coloured Bright Yellow wheel winching skids or 'Easi-Skates', are clearly visible, compared to original-coloured skates, so the chances of losing or forgetting them at the scene of the recovery of a vehicle are greatly reduced.

You know the problem, you're recovering a vehicle in bad weather or in testing, low-light conditions and in trying to get it done as quickly as possible, you don't thoroughly check you have collected all the pieces of equipment that you have had to use. Result, items get left roadside, subsequently lost and have to be replaced.

So, in order to reduce the chance of this happening, manufacturer, ITI Inc. have introduced a bright yellow version of their wheel winching skids (easi-skates), making them clearly visible, so the likelihood of you not noticing them, as you scan the scene of the recovery area, is greatly reduced.

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If you haven't used these skates before, then to explain, they are designed to provide a low friction interface between the tyre and vehicle bed surface when winching vehicles with locked or damaged wheels. So, moving the vehicle is a whole lot easier.

These skates are made of recycled plastic for their durability and sold as a set of 4. They are lightweight, easy to use, will not rot and are oil and grease resistant. 

Installation is by placing the toe of the skate against the tyre, at the front of the direction you want to winch, and hitting the heel of the skate with a 6lb  (or heavier) sledge hammer until the skate is firmly under the wheel. A few blows should be all that is required!
Note: The vehicle should be in 'Park' or the brake applied during this operation.

Removal is by tapping the heel of the skate from side to side until it dislodges from under the wheel.
It's as simple as that!

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