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Save Money with our Kits & Sets for Winching, Lifting & Vehicle Recovery

Save Money with our Kits & Sets for Winching, Lifting & Vehicle Recovery

We now offer products grouped into both kits and sets for specific types of jobs, including kits and sets for winching, lifting & vehicle recovery.

One of the most important aspects of purchasing the kits or sets is the financial benefit. You will save a decent amount of money over buying products individually.

Cardno kits

A kit is all of the products needed for an operator to get a specific type of job done. Bear in mind, not all products in a kit will necessarily be needed every time, it will depend on individual circumstances, but purchasing the kit will give peace of mind that you have all the tools at your disposal when turning up for a job.

The image below shows an example of a Cardno kit.

Pulling on kit

Winching Aid Kit

Winching Aid Kit contains:

  • 1 x set of 4 wheel skate skids - ITI
  • 1 x Winching brothers strap
  • 1 x Swing Away Pulley Block

This kit is designed to assist and facilitate in the winching operation. The wheel skate skids are designed to reduce the friction between the vehicle bed and the vehicle. The winching brother strap is designed for a centre pull. The swing away pulley block is designed to be a fast and efficient option for increasing line pull.

Other Cardno kits include:

Cardno Sets

A set is a 'nice to have' group of products that can also be purchased individually, if required.

The image below shows an example of a Cardno Set.

Tie-Down Straps Box Set

Each set contains all the straps needed to secure all four wheels of a vehicle onto a tilt & slide transporter.

Each set consists of:

  • Four 4m straps 5T
  • Four Ratchets with short ends 5T
  • Four wheel/choker straps 5T

Although sold as a set of 4 strap sets, the individual items: straps, ratchets, chokers, can be purchased separately.

Other Cardno sets in the Kits & Sets Section include:

Of course, within all of our sets, you will still be able to purchase individual replacement parts.

Please click here replacement parts to view those available.

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