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Stay in Control with a Lodar Remote

Stay in Control with a Lodar Remote

Cardno takes pride in being a Distributor for Lodar, who are the British based industry leader in the design and production of Industrial Wireless Remote Control systems. Both Cardno and Lodar believe in the importance of listening to our customers. Listening to a customer’s exact needs, enables us to produce products that tick each and every box.

Lodar radio remote system

Along with the unparalleled level of flexibility in product design and manufactured in the UK, is based on 3 guiding user principles: safety, efficiency, reliability.
It allows the user to stay in control of the operation and away from danger, whilst knowing that the system won't fail.

Lodar radio Remote control systems


Lodar offer a multitude of different button image options and software possibilities, which other manufacturers are really limited with.

Customer service

At Lodar there is always someone on the other end of the phone to answer any technical questions or queries.

5 Year Pro Rated Warranty

They offer a 5 year warranty on their products, which clearly demonstrates their confidence in their product and lets the customer know that they are purchasing a product that won’t fail.

Customer based Innovation

Lodar are always looking for new ways to appeal to improve their product. It really is about You ask and They Answer.

We know and trust the Lodar Team to deliver on every promise they make. This is why Cardno has always been and will continue to be a distributor of the Lodar product range.

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