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Reasons for Buying British Made Products

Reasons for Buying British Made Products

We are in an age where you can buy anything you need from anywhere in the world at the click of a button. So, what to choose and getting what you really want can be a lottery. 

Buying from overseas:

  • You may buy the cheapest, but how long will it last?
  • You may buy more expensive, but will you get value for money? What about the warranty, if there is one, how confident can you be in getting a satisfied outcome if you need to use it?

Cardno is a British company, who, in the vast majority of it's product range offer either, manufactures in-house or is a distributor for established, well respected British companies.

Why do we believe in British being the better option?

The main benefits for buying British:

  • Quality Control
    Selling a quality product is very important to us.
    For our own manufactured products, we are able to install our own control mechanisms to ensure we conform to the required British Standards or EU Standards.
    For the British companies we use, their quality control is set at the higher ISO level, so we have great confidence in them and their products.

  • Warranties
    In hand with the fairly stringent quality controls, warranties can be confidently set for longer periods. In addition, because of the higher quality levels, any customer issues that do arise are more likely to be dealt amicably.
    Lodar Ltd
    An example is Lodar Ltd a British company that offers a great warranty with their products. 
    All their systems come with 5-year pro-rated warranty - the first 2 years, of which, are unlimited. Any problems encountered within the warranty period are extremely sympathetically dealt with.

  • Potential Money Savings
    It is quite probable that you will pay more for British-made products on initial purchase than on the equivalent foreign product. However, buying the cheaper version can be a false economy in the long run! How come?
    Well, with many Cardno manufactured products and those of British suppliers, for whom we are distributors, you are able to replace some individual items from within a product assembly if they become worn, broken or get damaged.

    For example, LAP Electrical their Titan & Hurricane light bars are a modular design and individual modules within the assembly can be replaced. With the cheaper, mainly foreign, sealed light bars this is not possible and, therefore, the whole unit would need replacing.
    LAP Lightbar
    LAP Electrical
    With Cardno, as we manufacture, in-house, a high percentage of the products we sell, we can offer a comprehensive range of replacement items from within individual assemblies. Remember - Don't throw it all away - reuse it! Find the Replacement Parts on our website or give us a call.
  • Green Thinking
    Buying products manufactured in Britain will positively impact on their and your carbon footprint, by reducing shipping and waste. Read more in our blog Green Thinking by Cardno

Cardno British Made Where you see this logo displayed on a product page on our website, the product is manufactured in Britain!

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