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When and How to Use Recovery Wheel Skate Skids

When and How to Use Recovery Wheel Skate Skids

When to Use Recovery Wheel Skate Skids

For moving or recovering cars or light commercial vehicles on a hard surface when, for whatever reason, one or more of the road wheels cannot be rotated.

This could be because the wheel(s) is locked, damaged or access to the vehicle is prohibitive (for example, vehicle locked keys not available and handbrake is on). It could also be used to unload a locked vehicle off of the back of a recovery vehicle 

These particular skates shown in the images are manufactured by ITI Inc in the USA but, there are other versions of these skates, such as Wreckmaster Slippery Jims, within the UK market place.

The ITI skate skid is made from recycled plastic, so will not rot, making it lightweight but very hard wearing. It is also oil and grease resistant.

The ITI skid works by significantly reducing the friction between the locked wheel and the surface it sits on, enabling the vehicle to be moved much more easily. Actual friction tests, in the US, have shown this to be as much as a two-thirds reduction!


Wheel skate skid - Commercial

How to Use the ITI Wheel Skate Skid

Position the toe of the skate against the tyre, at the front of the direction you want to winch, and hitting the heel of the skate with a 6 lb  (or heavier) sledge hammer until the skate is firmly under the wheel. A few blows should be all that is required!


  • The vehicle should be in 'Park' or the brake applied during this operation.
  • If the vehicle has wheels turned left or right, install the skate parallel with the vehicle. The vehicle will follow the path of the skate, not the wheel. 
  • If the vehicle is on an uneven surface, a strap or small chain may be attached from the ring handle to a secure point under the vehicle, in order to keep the skate straight.

Wheel Skid - Heel & Toe

Removal is by tapping the heel of the skate from side to side until it dislodges from under the wheel.

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